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No more enrolments accepted. No refunds given after April 16th.


Join one of the most comprehensive competitions for young musicians in WA classical music!

Sections include:

  • piano

  • strings

  • guitar

  • ensembles

  • choral

  • concerti

  • wind

  • brass

  • vocal

Enrol to compete against elite candidates for the chance to win:

  • prizes up to $1000

  • the opportunity to perform with the Fremantle Symphony Orchestra

  • the Fremantle Eisteddfod Trophy

  • international recognition



Founded in 1982, The Fremantle Eisteddfod is a non-for-profit organisation that began as a one-day event in the Town Hall supper room.

Following the success of this Eisteddfod, the City of Fremantle stated that they would allow future Eisteddfods to be held in the Exhibition Hall
in the hope that this would become an annual event in Fremantle.

The years in the Exhibition Hall have been very successful with the much appreciated support of Premier Pianos, Zenith Music and, at a later date, Snadens. Tribute must be paid to the Committee Members over the past decades, who have unstintingly devoted their time and talents to providing performance opportunities to so many thousands of music students.

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Prize money for piano grades sections sponsored by:


Three perpetual trophies sponsored by:


Prize money for string sections sponsored by:


Prize money across all sections and pianos sponsored by:

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