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Please keep the following in mind:

  • Check this program for the most up-to-date performance times.

  • Bring your photocopied sheet music for the adjudicator.

  • Be there 15 to 30 minutes before your section starts.

  • Remember your performance dress for your performance (changerooms are available). You can choose what to wear but usually something more formal is recommended.

  • No food or drink (except water) inside venues.

  • Tickets are available for all audience members (excluding performers). You can buy tickets for $12 on the day and tickets are valid for the duration of the eisteddfod. Card payments ONLY accepted.

  • A shared warmup room will be available (does not contain a piano).

  • No babies/very young children are permitted in the Eisteddfod venue (due to noise levels). Thank you for your consideration.

  • Make sure you read all rules and conditions below.

General Information

1. All sections are open to amateur competitors. An amateur is defined as a person who does not derive their main income as a performer/teacher either as an instrumentalist or vocalist – students excluded.

2. Competitors may enter in ‘Novice’ sections if they have been learning for less than one year.

3. Competitors selecting to enter an item in a particular genre, for example, Classical /Folk vocal, should refer to recognized music syllabi to ensure their piece(s) fall clearly within the genre.

4. In all sections subject to an AGE LIMIT, the performer's age is subject to the THE FIRST DAY OF THE PERFORMANCE PERIOD.

5. Competitors entering sections “age and under” should note the following definitions: Duets – Both performers must not be over the specified age. at the date of the performance. Trios and larger groups – a majority of performers in the group must not be over the specified age at the date of the performance. The committee reserves the right to ask for dates of birth of groups larger than four performers if we want to clarify a certain child’s age.

6. Entrants in Grade Items must not enter at lower grade levels than they are currently studying.

7. There is no limit on how many sections you can enter. However, if you enter a grade section, you cannot enter another grade section (e.g. both Grade 4 and Grade 5 piano). Contact us via email if you find another contestant has not obliged by this rule.


8. Competitors may not perform the same piece in more than one item.

9. For recital sections, entrants must choose pieces of contrasting style.


10. Where a work comprises more than ONE movement performers will play only ONE movement. NB: Where more than one movement is recognized to be ONE work, e.g. Bartok’s Slavonic Dances then more than one movement can be performed.

11. Copies of works are to be handed in at the Registration desk, at least 15 minutes before commencement of an item.

12. ALL competitors and accompanists must be available to perform at the commencement of an item, regardless of how long a section is scheduled to run. NB: The Fremantle Eisteddfod cannot guarantee that the order of performances will run as published in the programme. The performance order and duration of an item may be affected by competitors withdrawing on or before the performance day.

13. Competitors must provide their own accompanists. Competitors and accompanists will be entitled to free entry for the session at which they are competing.


14. There is a warmup room (Oval Room) for instrumentalists/singers (piano not included) where contestants can warm up quietly. They must arrive earlier as it is mandatory to be ready at least 15 min before they’re on stage.


15. Piano competitors and accompanists do not have access to any piano for practice or warmup.


16. All competitors must perform from original scores/scripts or from memory.


17. Competitors must play the piece(s) as stated on the entry form. Substitutions WILL NOT be accepted.


18. Competitors must adhere to time limits. Exceeding the time limit disqualifies the player from receiving a place and prize. The time limits indicate the maximum playing time available. They are NOT a requirement that you must play for that total time.


19. Automated accompaniment such as tapes or CD’s and electronic instruments (other than those required for a Jazz band) are not permitted. Microphones are not permitted (other than those required for a Jazz band).


20. Accompanists must perform from original scores or from memory unless the accompaniment part is printed on the same page as the solo instrumental or vocal part, in which case, a single photocopy marked ‘ACCOMPANIST COPY’ may be used and handed to the Eisteddfod Committee after the performance.


21. The Adjudicator must be provided with an original copy or photocopy clearly marked ‘ADJUDICATION COPY’, where applicable this should include the piano accompaniment. The photocopy will be retained by the committee according to the Australian Copyright Regulations.


22. The adjudicator’s decision will be final and on no account should the competitors or teachers approach the adjudicators.


23. Certificates will be awarded at the discretion of the adjudicators.


24. The use of cameras/mobile phones etc. to DURING a performance MUST NOT be obtrusive or use flash systems. It is highly recommended to only use photographic equipment at the end of an item. PHOTOS MUST BE OF YOUR CHILD ONLY .


25. The use of an external amplifier is ONLY permitted for classical guitarists entering the Open Concerto Item and for Jazz bands.


26. The Fremantle Eisteddfod Inc. accepts no responsibility for any accident or for loss or damage to belongings at eisteddfod venues.

27. An entry fee of $12 is required to watch Eisteddfod performances. 1 Ticket grants entry to every section for the rest of the Eisteddfod (even different days), excluding the Winners Concert. Competitors get free entry for watching the rest of the competitors in their section.

28. The Fremantle Eisteddfod Inc. can cancel a section if they deem it to have insufficient competitors. They also reserve the right to combine sections (e.g. putting an Age 15 and Under section under an Open section if there are insufficient competitors.

29. You can only use a piece of music ONCE - do not enroll in multiple sections with the same piece. Contact us via email if you find another contestant has not obliged by this rule.

30. No refunds will be given after the schedule is released due to the high administrative cost to withdraw and refund people. We apologise for any inconvenience.

31. You are permitted to bring your own music stand. Up to 7 music stands will be available to use from the Eisteddfod.

32. 1st place winners that win multiple sections are only permitted to perform once across the Junior and Senior Winners concerts.

33. All winners get to watch the relevant winner's concert for free except choir winners. Choir winners can only come for free if they're performing. Winners will get their name ticked at the door, whereas ticket holders can show their tickets at the door.

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